Root Canal Myths

Root canals are one of the most undesirable dental treatments out there, but also one of the most common. Yet, many misconceptions concerning the root canal has caused many people to fear the service. If you postpone treatment due to the fear of getting a root canal pico rivera, you are only hurting your teeth. Read below to learn more about the most common root canal myths and do not let this misinformation bring you down.

1- A Root Canal is Painful

root canal pico rivera

This statement might’ve held some truth generations ago, but that simply is no longer the case. Modern technology and anesthetics ensure that a root canal isn’t any more painful than a filling. In fact, most people cite the pain felt from a toothache is much greater than what they feel during a root canal.

2- Root Canal Treatment Causes Illnesses

You won’t get any type of illness after having a root canal performed. Many people assume they will and fear the root canal even more. This is yet another one of those myths that have spread around like wildfire over the years. This information is based on outdated research and today’s information proves there are no risks.

Myth 3- Pull the Tooth: It’s Better

A root canal is used instead of pulling the tooth when there is an infection, pain, or other issues that affect your tooth and/or oral health. Some people want you to think the latter is the best option but that simply isn’t true. I want to save your teeth if you can because false teeth cannot take the place of the real thing.

The myths above are three of the most common that people say about root canals. Don’t fall for the hype and take the time to learn the truth. Your oral health deserves this!